“Pre brharh signs partnership agreement with almajdouie charity”


Charity and social services concluded bbrharh partnership with charitable institution for promoting logistics role, played by the Association of social and charitable work and many developmental aims through community development bovine DOS.

The representative explained Saleh Saeed had been signing a partnership with charitable Director for logistics support logistics fair development of philanthropy and the humanitarian association, added that the Assembly you many social and charitable work and development which aims at serving sum and community development in the villages of DOS.

He stressed that the partnership with charitable desire comes Logistics Association in expanding strategic community partnerships with many government agencies and private sector companies and institutions, benevolent, charitable foundation is a charitable institutions logistics concerned with community development and faith and her many philanthropic and humanitarian fingerprints.

Thanked Chairman of charity and social services bbrharh fqhzrf charitable institution and trust of selected logistics at the Assembly to conclude this note which is in the interests of social philanthropy development.