Popular culture displays 70 Islamic University. Saturday


500 Islamic University student shares representing 70 countries at the 6th Festival of cultures and peoples, departs Saturday 3 Shaaban and lasts 6 days at the headquarters of the University, the Festival management said the morning of the Festival for student visits and evening from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. for families, amid expectations that the current session will see a large turnout due to new and varied activities, and its uniqueness displays features of cultures and social occasions, and public life.

Several government agencies are involved in the Festival through platforms to view activities and services to visitors, including the Department of education, and health, Diabetes Center, blood bank, drug control, and Social Affairs.

As the Festival management said about various competitions for university students and participants as well as visitors, will have the possibility to vote the best deals walfelkorih food and folk poetry in different languages and program know on my participation in the events, where the Grand Prize was allocated a suite for car number one, $20, 000 for finishing second wing, and 15 thousand reais to suite his third place, plus a number of other trophies like mobile devices and PC, and watches and luxury pens.

It is said that the Festival was devoted to children’s games and the wings for restaurants and the rest of the University Administration to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment for visitors who are expected to reach 50 thousand visitors.