The popular crowd preparing to storm the Al-Ba’aj West of Mosul and “ISIS” rallying call


The crowd said in a statement Thursday he edited nine villages in the North and East and West of Kairouan area, after last night, “the second page of the second Messenger of Allah Mohamed operations to free spending Al-Ba’aj, villages and residential complexes to Iraqi Army aviation base.

The statement said that the troops had managed to reach the Sinjar mountains bordering Dumez compound, and cut the link between the towns of Sinjar walbaag, announcing the beautiful villages and editing and the generous and wekogo Ulm dome walkabosih.

And assured the Elimination of 38 member of organizing “ISIS” including 4 bombers, destroying two bombs, and 3 mortar detachments.

According to a local source in Nineveh today, that organization declared a State of maximum alert amid Al-Ba’aj, after attacking three of its master.

Sumerian “source told the news that the prohibition movement in the Eastern and northern side of the town, adding that Al-Ba’aj” chaos and confusion since early hours amid the spread of dozens of ISIS in the main streets.