Pokemon Goo .. $ 1.2 billion in revenues and 752 million downloads


achieved game actually enhanced the famous # Buquemon_go more than US $ 1.2 billion in revenue, and more than 752 million downloads so far, according to “Abtobia” Apptopia, an emerging company to analyze applications based in Boston US.
Abtobia reported that the total game revenue for the year 2016 amounted to about 950 million US dollars. So it said that although the game did not stand out on the headlines this year, but it still attracts a lot of users.
It is believed that the support of Niantic Inc., the developer of the game, continuous, which includes the “Add new Bokimunat and reformulation” C “Gym, has helped to keep users interacting with the game and give them reasons to return to feature. It also helped Niantic special promotions during the holidays such as Halloween , which increases the appearance of certain types of Albuquemonat.
It also stated that the Pokémon Abtobia Gu users active month amounted to about 60 million players in the month of June last, and the 20% of them open the game once at least once a day. Although this figure is much lower than enjoyed by the game in the month of August / August when the number was up to 100 million, but it shows that it is still very wide spread.
According Abtobia, the proportion of male users Pokémon Gu about 57.4%, while 38% are Millennials (aged between 19 and 34). But Pokemon goo still attracts a lot of younger players, with an estimated percentage of users who are under the age of 18 years by about 32.5%.

Sourse: alarabiya.net