Those on placed «Ramadan» in summer this year.

< Filed those on summer in the month of Ramadan, the fasting will return in the summer after 25 years to come.
According to the rotation of the earth around the Sun, and the four seasons are determined by the solar year, which differs from the lunar month of Ramadan, which comes as the ninth-her last months, 11 days, simultaneous entry of the summer months are June, July and August «» with Ramadan only after 25 years, will pass on fasting three more chapters are: spring, winter, autumn, which shared nine years Ramadan to spring followed by eight years of both winter and autumn.
And I thought the general body of meteorology and environmental protection that the weather is extremely hot during Ramadan in areas, hot in other areas during the day, warmer weather at night on all areas of Saudi Arabia.
In weather report during the month of Ramadan to Mecca and Medina for this year (I got «life» a copy of it), that Ramadan this year coincides with the month of June (June) characterized by hot weather to extremely hot during the day and tends to mild nights. The Board noted that the hot climates in sacred areas can be synchronized in some periods during the holy month with low cloud formations and medium height and horizontal visibility generally good, while alluding to a horizontal cloud formations can cause low visibility in some periods of less than five kilometers due to the wind and dust to dust stunts active.
The Commission predicted that the average temperature in Mecca 43.9 degrees Celsius and Lo 28.9 ° c on average during the month, while I expected to have average temperatures of Medina 42.9 ° c maximum and minimum of 28.6 degrees Celsius.
The surface winds to Mecca would be generally westerly, wind speed between 12-18 km per hour, while the surface winds will be North of Medina and the average wind speed lapsed between 8 and 16 kilometres per hour.