In pictures. Tourism stars are invading the world and the best places to see


New tourism are invading the world and feature the serenity and tranquility and distance from shopping and clamor, as tourism monitor stars and planets in the night sky, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere in the nicer areas around the world.

The Atacama desert in Chile.
One of the driest places on Earth, this is the desert area free of clouds so that you can view the sky. And with an estimated high 8.200 feet, is the perfect destination for observing the stars in the southern hemisphere.

Canary Islands, Spain
The Canary Islands have become one of the best sites around the world to observe the sky and stars and low pollution, and therefore clear sky at night is the second best place to watch the movement of the stars.

Kerry Ireland area
Overlooking the amazing landscapes of Kerry as the mountains and waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Kerry, the most beautiful place to relax and enjoy the view of the vast sky.
And homes that receive guests or the caravans fitted for observing the stars in the sky.

Mount mnoakia in Hawaii
At a height of nearly 14.000 ft above sea level, mount Mona KIA temperature up to volcanic temperatures, but the scene up there worth a gamble when you get to the top you’ll see a completely different stars, this Summit is an airfield for both scientists and amateurs to follow and observe the stars.