In pictures. Iraqi forces destroyed a weapon deadly ISIS “


Sumerian site transfer news “Iraqi Federal Police Commander news team pioneer Shaker Jawdat, saying in a statement Saturday:” Federal Police dismantled 7 wheels bomb by the battalion during the July 17 neighborhood clearing remnants of ISIS “.

Naimi noted that deal with this type of car in the nirvana is extremely complex and difficult areas open to considering suicide to reach his goal quickly before the target.

In turn, he captivates Obeidi, a leader in combating explosives in the Iraqi army, in a statement to the Agency itself, that car bombs by militants of “ISIS” need no money, except for manual labor, raw materials in process of car bombs are available in abundance within the city of Mosul, according to an expert in combat.

As he saw the observer to Mosul and edits the expert in military science, Omar al-sawaf, “ISIS” exploits not know some Iraqi forces how to deal with car bombs to attack it during fighting in Mosul.

Anatolia quoted about “sawaf lethal to organize ISIS car connector is war by some security units suffer heavy losses in lives and equipment, using several factors highlighted by not knowing the forces attacking the geographical nature of the city of Mosul, which is extremely difficult and sensitive”.

Command operations were “coming, Nineveh” announced earlier Saturday, July 17th District editing complete in the left coast of the city of Mosul, the Nineveh Governorate, completely.

It also confirmed the “coming, Nineveh, restored, Saturday, spring district also in the left coast of the city.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, Commander in Chief of the armed forces in Iraq, announced, on February 19/February last, the Edit process right coast of the city of Mosul, after the army took control of the left side of the city at the end of January to last January.