In pictures. A funny billboards warn tourists from 15 error during their rounds


Define culture of many peoples and behavior patterns of tourism in each State, what people considered simple and ordinary people most catastrophic and ought not to do, and so on.

And many countries of the world had to put warning boards for tourists coming to visit and enjoy sightseeing tours in that country, where surprised several cautionary statements tourist may not understand them.

1. Beware of metal wall erosion to the rear.

2. an area of conflict between cats and rats.

3. Beware of stealing fish.

4. Beware of crocodile mouth sliding.

5. do not leave your children don’t even have circus players.

6. the transit zone addicted.

7. Beware of urinating in the pool.

8. all the harassment.

9. drinking alcohol makes you indiscriminately.

10. watch your children prone to crocodiles.

11. watch cows falling from the top.

12. watch birds poop a lot.

13. do not breathe underwater, it stinks.

14. all eavesdropping and climbing walls.

15. Beware of cliff.