In pictures. DSS faithfully Mecca launches 4 sports and electronic programs


Herding Ameen Dr Osama Albar yesterday evening, the General Directorate of social services and cultural integrity, and to launch a number of programmes launched by the AFC Secretariat and regular Football Cup Secretary Mecca, allotted for central departments, municipalities and academic Secretariat staff sons subsidiary football.

In details, opened the ceremony by reading verses from the male Sage, then Director of social and cultural services and safety engineer Raed Abdullah Samarkandi welcomed attendees, and then explain the periodic system and accolades received.

And assured the trophy has Samarkandi him winning the tournament twice or three times, this session will bring together the Secretariat departments and sub departments, municipalities and constitute an important factor in the consolidation of relations between employees of the Secretariat and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and work to find job base, besides being a constitute an important element in the detection and refinement of creative talent, and has been assigned a number of qualified technical personnel to oversee General Administration staff session for safety and social and cultural services.

He praised Samarkandi unlimited support by His Excellency Ameen due to its role in consolidating employee relations and break the routines that help to rejuvenate.

Then inaugurated Ameen portal of public administration for safety and social and cultural services on the official site of the Holy capital municipality, also launched Holy Makkah municipality Academy Football for children of employees of the Secretariat, and Rowan Foundation sponsored tragedies through a joint working agreement with the Secretariat of the Holy capital.

This was followed by an entertaining show for free review of soccer Heroes “Panel style” then launched Ameen Championship logo and professional manner touched global celebrations was revealed trophy made of brass coated with pure gold 24 mm.

Then conducted the draw for the teams to 11 teams were distributed into two groups of the first group included both (municipality of canons, General Administration of land and property, Department of sanitation, reconstruction and relief projects, customer service department, Assistant Secretary for administrative and financial affairs), while the second group comprised (municipality of fortress, General Department of environmental health, by municipality, public roads administration, municipality of jamoum), and will open the tournament next Sunday.

He gave his word Ameen announced including good news for employees of the Secretariat and is near completion of the establishment of the Secretariat as a student club model of all participants demonstrate morality and honest competition.

In conclusion the generosity of Secretary corporate sponsors for the tournament travel Foundation the Zed for trading and contracting and the first tent Foundation organizing celebrations.
The ceremony was attended by a number of prominent sports personalities led by Director of the Office of the public authority for sport Mecca Osama Al Zamil and head of the former alzoehri Assistant ahly and club head unit allhiani and a number of resolute former football stars, journalists and representatives of the participating teams.