Photos .. Killing is required in Awwamiyya during the development of the walled neighborhood


security men managed to track down the wanted # who appeared with the beginning of the clearance work in # Ha_almsorh in # Almntqh_alcherqah in Saudi Arabia. And killed a wanted during the clashes.
This saw the construction work initiated by the secretariat of the Eastern region # # in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, part of the first phase of the development of the neighborhood project # walled in the town # Awwamiyya, a terrorist attack by a number of wanted, after targeted equipment during the removal of the buildings in the neighborhood.

The relay Amordon in social media images of equipment exposed to a barrage of bullets in an attempt to stop it , while the company executing the project from the security authorities called in order to protect the completion of its tasks to remove dilapidated houses.
The project # Ttaiwir_ha_almsorh in Awwamiyya in the province of Qatif #,

within the development projects that are currently being implemented follow – up and supervision of the Secretariat of the Eastern Province. The project involves the removal of approximately 488 residential units of varying size, after monitoring the full budget to compensate property owners in the neighborhood, and the completion of the statutory procedures, as the survey and inventory lasted less than six months, after which the completion of all legal procedures, the response of cooperation with great homeowners.

Inspired Walled of the oldest specific neighborhoods of the province of Qatif and the town of Awamiya, and beyond the age of some of the buildings 100 years, and includes a number of # old Almnazl_ashoaiah nested within the narrow alleys no more than 1.5 meters wide, what was threatening the residents of the neighborhood, in addition to a number of abandoned houses and demolished taken by a number of wanted Okara planning and starting to carry out their terrorist targeting security men and citizens.
The neighborhood has seen security after clashes # barricaded a number of terrorists in buildings, around him a breeding ground for the implementation of their attacks. Four months before the demolition equipment came under fire from it nge – based employment on the project.

And the official spokesman of the Police Eastern Region , Colonel Ziad # Alrqaiti to # Hrth_alkotaiv received a report yesterday presented a subsidiary of contracting mechanism to fire, during brought in to remove one of the houses vacated by their owners walled town Awwamiyya province of Qatif district, which resulted in the burning mechanism without being exposed any of the workers or passers -by to harm.
The # Omanh_alcherqah adopted the draft # # Azalh_ha_almsorh and St_alawamah and the establishment of a development project Christolh services area to benefit from the town Awwamiyya.