Philippine President ready to make deals on the South China Sea.

الرئيس الفيليبيني رودريغو دوتيرتي

Philippine President Rodrigo doterti open Tuesday to explore natural resources in the South China Sea with Beijing and Hanoi which also insist that they have rights in the strategic region, after his success in achieving “gains” during his visit to China.

Doterti stressed that he was speaking on his return from a trip to Beijing, he does not intend to exert pressure on China on the decision of the International Court in the Hague that Beijing’s demands were considered the largest part of the sea, illegal.

In response to a press question about the possibility to explore the resources of the South China Sea, jointly with Beijing and Hanoi, said “if it is possible to get something without hassle, why not?” he said, adding that an agreement in this regard would be “true and balanced”.

Philippine President fails to Malaysia and Brunei, the other countries in South East Asia which refer also to his rights in the sea.

South China Sea is believed to contain huge oil and gas reserves, potential military conflict zone for decades because of these conflicting demands.

Beijing’s increased efforts to strengthen their claims in the sea during the past years by building artificial islands, expanding its military presence.

Doterti, who came away from the Presidency last year from predecessor Benigno Aquino that hit China’s diplomat directly about the matter, preferring to seek to improve bilateral relations with Beijing.

Description of doterti President ginbingh and Prime Minister Li keqiang, who he met in China, as “incredibly generous” and “very liberal” and “for real”. He added that this visit has achieved “gains” to the Philippines, explaining without details he got more Chinese investment and aid.

He noted that Shi and told me not to his intention to address the International Court ruling last year in a case that was filed by Aquino and infuriated China.

Doterti said “we have decided that we will have a good time to ask about the decision, but not now.”

For his part, Shi praised the “overall improvement” in relations between the two countries, describing the Philippines as “important partner” for a new “Silk Road” project, which aims to enhance trade relations Beijing with Eurasia and Africa.

Manila and Beijing will hold talks in China Friday on the dispute. Aquino was to avoid having direct talks with China about the issue for fear of weakening his position.

But doterti said he wanted to address the behavioural rules talks on sea, discussing China and Southeast Asian countries since 15 years.

Beijing said Tuesday that Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin and Philippine Ambassador Jose Santiago Santa Romana will preside over the meeting in South China’s Guizhou province.

The talks will come after the 14th meeting Thursday of top officials from China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on the application of the rules of conduct in the disputed sea.

She said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua shoningh, Tuesday, that the talks would help both Beijing and Manila to “manage their differences appropriately and strengthen maritime cooperation to reach a final settlement of the conflict.”

The Philippines agreed in 2005 during the reign of former President Gloria Arroyo with China and Vietnam to conduct joint study on potential oil deposits in the sea.

But the deal collapsed after mechanistic Filipino politicians questioned. As he violated the sovereignty of their country, Arroyo accused of treason.