Pentagon: Chinese fighter “reckless and unprofessional”


Attacked us war Ministry on Sunday, a Chinese fighter jets intercepted a us Navy reconnaissance aircraft.

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The Pentagon indicated, according to a spokesman, Gary Ross, that Chinese fighters intercepted last Wednesday us Navy reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea, “unsafe and reckless and unprofessional.”

Ross said in remarks quoted by Reuters: “we’re still checking the facts relating to this incident, I will convey to the Chinese Government’s concerns through the appropriate channels.”

Us officials told Reuters that: “initial reports show that p-3 reconnaissance plane, was 240 kilometres south east of Hong Kong in international airspace.”

A Chinese response.

And in turn, China’s Defense Ministry said: “the American novel objection process is inaccurate.”

She continued saying “Chinese aircraft operated in a professional manner and totally safe.

It went “on the American military to take steps to prevent similar activities at risk, especially as the Chinese military is determined to protect its sovereignty and security.”

China strongly questioned in any military activity around the coastline, especially in the resource-rich South China Sea claimed by China and neighboring countries including the Philippines, Viet Nam and Malaysia over parts of it.

Earlier this month intercepted two Chinas “Su-30” us aircraft designed to monitor radiation while flying in international airspace over the East China Sea.