For its peace with Iran «victory» withdraw from Yarmouk camp in implementation


I started in Damascus today, phase II of the Armistice Agreement «four towns» and change in Syria,
Located between Iran and the armed factions in Syria, including opposition groups. These include the stage, evacuating some
Gunmen wounded members of the Editorial Board of «Sham» («victory») of Yarmuk camp on
The southern outskirts of Damascus to Idlib.
Al-Manar tv said “the Allah party»», this is the second phase of the agreement reached
By requiring the implementation of the evacuation of two towns lay siege to them armed opposition (foah kefraya Brive idleb)
Compared to similar operations of two pro-Government forces lay siege to them (mdaia walsbdani in Damascus). And it was
The first phase was implemented from this agreement last month.
Information sources close to the Syrian regime, yesterday, starting the process exit hundreds of «the editorial
Sham» and relatives of Yarmouk camp to rural idleb, Secretary of the powerful Alliance of Palestinian resistance
Syria, Khalid Abdul Majeed, the total number of militants (Jan) with their families, who are going out into
The three phases of the agreement up to 2000 people. Abdel Meguid brought clashes between militant
«ISIS» stationed South of the camp and the militants of the «victory» a week ago to disrupt the implementation of the agreement.
Speaking «Syrian Observatory for human rights» about the Syrian Red Crescent supervision process, where
The transportation of combatants to the North of Syria, in Exchange for similar cases and output number of asymptotic of virulence and the two towns of kefraya
Where Shia citizens Brive idleb, within demographic change agreement reached
In March (March).
Quotes «workgroup for Palestinians in Syria, informed sources as saying that the withdrawal process
Extended areas of perimeter collector massenger handsome collector, which was controlled by
«The editorial Sham»; 40 per cent of the camp, will be under the control of the Syrian regime
Factions loyal to him.
The process directed by the rest of the gunmen of Yarmouk camp will in the coming days, noting that
The agreement does not cover regulation «ISIS» and associated species.
It was the Syrian Observatory for human rights, was published, two weeks ago, food and humanitarian aid entered into
South of the capital, Damascus, where sources said he began the process of introducing aid to Yarmouk camp
(Besieged) and other areas in the southern perimeter of the capital, in implementation of one of the terms of the agreement.
Afraid that the accord provides the Zabadani Damascus kefraya walvoah Brive northeast of Idlib, camp
Yarmouk, South of the capital, Damascus, on «full evacuation by a period of kefraya virulence 60 days
Two stages, in Exchange for the evacuation of the families mdaia and St Albans in St Albans and surrounding areas to the North, stopping
Fire in balvoah and surrounding areas south of the capital area (Yelda in Bela sahem House), a truce for 9
Months in the above areas, the introduction of humanitarian aid to these areas without stopping,
Add rough neighborhood assistance in Homs and evacuate the 1500 captive of prisons of detainees on the background
Events of the revolution (in the second stage of the agreement) without specifying names (difficulty negotiating on file with
System), and provide a common party regulations preparation and family names to work on Exchange, and evacuate a camp
Yarmouk (fighters for the victory in the area), as there is no clause regarding Syria.