Payment for spiritual ghanghiri withdrawal and endorsement of Mousavi


Iranian President calls for «break the monopoly of power»
Isaac said jahangiri Iranian first Vice President today, his withdrawal from the presidential election the day after tomorrow
Friday, supporting the outgoing President ally Hassan Rohani. Thus, four more candidates for the presidential race, but
Real competition will be between the conservative camp candidate Ibrahim spiritual master. As announced
Reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has been living under house arrest since 2011, participation in
Rowhani also called in a speech in the city of Zanjan (West of Tehran) yesterday, Iranians, to participate in
Ballot to break what he called a “monopoly of power, but a special group». And behold the spiritual participation
Military forces in the campaign for my boss in a manner contrary to law. He said that those forces have transformed
Military bases to places for a major campaign and offers to attend «hearty meals», they resort to scare
People from a spiritual extension of scenario as Selja, if he wins a new term, to cut
Financial assistance for citizens.
Meanwhile, reformist mp in Parliament Mahmoud Sadeghi influx of plainclothes security forces
For «suppress seditious green», reinforcing fears of reformist security to suppress
To central Tehran, prelude
Supporters of the spiritual master win the Presidency and demonstrations as protests election 2009