Panic hit America. “. “Bashar” hide and Russia with mullahs and fighters train station!

Us media reported, citing Pentagon officials, the Pentagon, the system moved its warplanes to base “hamimim” in Russian in Latakia, as sources; to be put under the protection of anti-missile air targets; in anticipation of any possible new attacks in the United States.
“CNN” channel America tv, military sources in the United States, the Assad regime had transferred most or all military aircraft to the region around the Russian base at hamimim, said: the Syrian regime to resort to such action to protect military arsenal of any new strikes.
The move comes after the American bombing on IPL airport in rural military Homs, through launching 59 Tomahawk missile, after 3 days of chemical attack by Assad on Khan sheykhoun Brive idleb, killing 100 civilians including women and children, and injuring 400 others poisoning and suffocation.
They said: that these planes were transferred from “Basil al-Assad international airport towards hamimim base; fear of exposure to possible us missile strikes.
According to the Arabic “quoted”, opposition sources had confirmed that the US strike destroyed the control tower of IPL airport, destroying 15 Sukhoi-type fighter, and that the airport ceases completely in her day “Novosti Agency quoted a Russian military source in IPL airport, Tomahawk; serious damage to the airport and all of its contents, and added:” all aircraft in the decommissioned base and arguably it’s completely destroyed. “
Us military sources was for CNN, “transfer of aircraft to many remarks after intimate successive Syrian opposition about moving its warplanes lion hamimim base operated by Russia.
Two days ago, the media, sludge Center lion empty airport military protectors of Russian and Iranian fighters and Afghan Shias, place them in a train station located in the Baath neighborhood in the city of Hama, in addition to placing Russian officers and high-ranking Iranian combatants in a building near the train station.
SCAD having nearly 300 Russian component made a month ago of military hamimim airport to the city of Hama and are currently in train station.
Russia was declared-Meanwhile-a set of actions she strengthening air defenses for the Syrian regime after hitting IPL airport, and these actions promote “rocket 300 and 400 s systems,” charged with protecting the Russian presence, especially in the hamimim.
It is said that the U.S. strikes to IPL base was welcomed widely by many Arabic countries as well as France and Germany and Turkey, while condemned by Russia and Iran, Assad’s allies as Moscow deemed a threat to cooperation with America and the aviation safety agreement suspended between them in Syria.
Russia reportedly taken from airport “hamimim”-or what was known as “the martyr Basil al-Assad international airport-air military base and less than two weeks after the Moscow Declaration officially air interference with Syria for supporting the regime at the end of February 2016.
The Washington Post had revealed a secret pact between Russia and the Assad regime in August 2015 written in seven pages and 12 bonded material, is quite literally meaning; strips Syria from any right or claim to the airport, and the airport down Russian no authority to Syria.
Analysts interpreted Assad’s aircraft hamimim Airport transfer, as an attempt to hide behind the Russian troops, fearful of a possible strike of America; especially American statements didn’t cool down since the first strike was carried out on IPL airport, in conjunction with u.s. assurances that it would not bombard the Russian troops.