Palestinians vote in local elections without Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.


Boycotted by Hamas and Islamic Jihad «». And «folk». And turnout was low
The Palestinian Prime Minister said Ramy thank Allah, he hoped that the new political leadership will respond to movement
Enthusiasm for inviting President Mahmoud Abbas to form a national unity Government, and go to legislative elections
General and presidential elections.
Modern Allah praise came before I cast a vote in the local elections held in the West Bank yesterday
Without the Gaza Strip, because of what he said thank Allah that Hamas rejected it.
Palestinians made their votes all today to choose their candidates for mayors and local councils in the West Bank
West, after the last elections in 2012, has not been in Gaza since 12 years.
“Praise be to Allah «leadership headed by President Mahmoud Abbas insisted on local elections
Her date, who was selected in the 8th of October (October) last in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
However, Hamas rejected and prevented the Government from conducting, us elections to the 13th of may (May)
Present, but Hamas refused to perform in sector».
Thankfully, addressing Allah said: «democracy is not a one time process and it’s over, but right
Of the citizen guaranteed by the Constitution», wishing to establish democratic wedding in the West «which proves to the community
That our people deserve an independent State like other peoples of the world», an even greater form a unity Government and holding
A general election.
The election is supposed to resolve the fate of 145 ran Bank body more than a list of 391 body
Local, where the remaining bodies, settled in advance and only one list by acclamation. According to the Palestinian law,
More has the legal capacity to register
Every citizen is entitled to carry Palestinian identity, 17 years
His name in any of the local authority registration centres registered as his address in the identity card.
Meanwhile, Central Election Commission Chairman Hanna Nasser said polling for the local elections,
451 polling spread over 11 counties in the West Bank, and that the candidates vying 4411 through 536 list
1561 electoral seats in 145 and a body
Hamas withdraws from competition, Fatah compete themselves in this election. And menus
Fatah competition either independently or from families or «Fatah» decided to compete outside the official list
For the transaction.
But sources in open battle says the most important, there is a secret Hamas went to the success of the menus that
Animation competition in many areas. Hamas has asked its elements choose the fittest in this election on
Despite her opposition.
In this context, said Fawzi barhoum, spokesman for Hamas, that «this election takes place without the consent or
National consensus, held in the West Bank without Gaza reinforces the split, especially as Hamas and (Islamic Jihad)
And (the popular front) is not involved.
Sami Abu zuhri criticized, another movement, Hamas, local elections in the West Bank
Without the Gaza Strip.
Abu zuhri promised in a brief to hold elections in the West Bank unilaterally, fomenting
And the isolation of Gaza, highlighting that «this election like this is proof that country from the perspective of power is the only bank».
The Palestinian Government announced elections in the West Bank, after a series of disagreements, she
Delay in the Gaza Strip to an unknown time.
And needs the elections in one day in the West Bank and Gaza to full agreement between Fatah and Hamas, and that
That has not happened since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007 and 2012 Bank elections, but without
Participation of Hamas, which then required to reach a reconciliation agreement before local elections, and was
The last election was conducted jointly between the West Bank and Gaza in 2004 and 2005 on 3 stages. Elections were not held
In Jerusalem today because Israel refused.
Turnout appeared until yesterday afternoon low, but observers predicted to rise before polls closed
Shortly thereafter. According to the Central Election Commission, the number of voters in the various provinces of the West,
Till 4 p.m. 152.274 3.35 per cent and their proportion of the total suffrage, owners
386.787 new voters and voters.
Eleven thousand of security forces already voted on Thursday. Results are expected Sunday.
If I stay for low, this will be a symbolic victory for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which did not participate in
Formal, but through a supported lists family.