Palestinian “foreign continue to rally international pressure on the family to respond to the demands of occupation


Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned, in the strongest terms, ignore policy and procrastination and exclusion, oppression and isolation, and the dissemination of false news, and collective punishment practised against prisoners occupying authorities hunger strikers, in a desperate attempt to break their steadfastness and unity, their grip on their humanitarian demands.

The Ministry considered, in a statement today, these old new policy as an extension of obscurantist ideology governed by the right and the extreme right in Israel, based on the denial of the rights of the Palestinian people, and practicing the ugliest forms of racism, in inciting Palestinians and slapping their lives, in a clear reflection of the politics of hate and racism, the ultimate challenge to international law and the resolutions of international legitimacy and the principles of human rights and of the divine itself.

The Ministry said: “we salute the captives heroes who face Israeli arrogance and injustice, as well as all the Palestinian diplomatic personnel, besides supervisor stopover striking prisoners and humanitarian demands, we will continue to mobilize Palestinian diplomacy with all forms of diplomacy, in order to expose serious Israeli violations by the occupation authorities in General, prisoners on hunger strike.”