Palestinian calls for international intervention to stop the Israeli crimes.


Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the serious violations have doubled over the last few hours before the Israeli occupation and settlers in the territory of the State of Palestine.

The Ministry in a statement condemned the extremist settlers ‘ feet to run over girl Ursula Mohamed consult (13) near taqqou East of Bethlehem, causing her to moderately wounded, fled the assailant fled.

The Ministry said that this crime is not the first and last where extremist settlers to run over and kill unarmed Palestinian citizens and burning, they come in the context of the protection afforded by the occupation Government for terrorist elements.

The Ministry called on the international community and the Human Rights Council and the Security Council to condemn these crimes and violations and provocations, and expose the racial nature of the occupation and serious violations of international law.

It also called on the international community to take measures to protect the Palestinian people from Israeli State terrorism, terrorism, human rights and humanitarian organizations claim to pursue these crimes and documented for legal and judicial prosecution of criminals and murderers.