The Palestinian Authority decided to stop paying for electricity that reach Gaza Strip


AP-Palestinian officials committed silence Thursday after Israeli reports that the Palestinian Authority in RAM Allah decided to stop paying for electricity sent to the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas, and there has been no official comment from the Palestinian Authority about the Declaration of civil administration of the Ministry of defence and responsible for the coordination of the Israeli army activities in the occupied Palestinian territories. the Administration said the tideFaith that the Palestinian Authority has communicated that it “will have immediate effect stop payment for the delivery of electricity to Gaza.” and the private sector with a population of about 2 million people since June 2006 following the abduction of an Israeli soldier for siege tightened in June 2007 after Hamas sector. the only outlet remains Rafah closed sector most days while Gaza humanitarian crisis and economic stagnation, and Hamas has warned of Tin.Implementation of the decision and called it “catastrophic repercussions.” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum told AFP “We affirm the need to undo (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas about the decision and warn the occupation of responding to the resolution because it is who will pay the price.” and if confirmed this news, that decision may reflect the desire of the Palestinian President Abbas pressed Hamas movement that controls the Strip and prevent him from exercising his influence there. The Palestinian Authority decided in early April/April, cut salaries of its employees in the public sector which caused protests and electricity crisis in the impoverished Gaza Strip is not new, but due to several reasons including the lack of generation capacity where there is a single station sector Israel has bombed previously. while importing power lines from Israel and Egypt but not compensating and erupted in protests last January in catSector because of the lack of electricity. While the Ministry of health in Gaza warned of “serious consequences” on patients and stopped only in the power plant sector work in mid April/April due to running out of fuel. for his part, United Nations humanitarian coordinator Robert Piper, concerned about the deterioration of electricity in Gaza, saying that “with power outages and emergency supply runs out of fuel, may stop essential services.” the Ministry of health in Gaza warned that seven levelShviat out of 13 in the private sector about to run out of reserve fuel for generators and Piper decided to allocate us $500, 000 to buy fuel for the health sector and confirmed Geisha (course) non-governmental Israeli Israel provide 120 megawatts to Gaza Strip for about $11 million a month since the cessation of the power plant, the quantity formed 80% of electricity available in the private sector, and condemned in a statement “Supply reduction is a red line that must not be crossed, “” using the basic humanitarian needs of Gaza’s population of 2 million as a bargaining chip in political power struggles unacceptable. “the World Bank warned in a report published Thursday that fuel shortages and inadequate infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, causing” a humanitarian crisis “for Palestinians living in the poor sector and codify the only power plant in the Strip after running out of fuel and provide electricity for four hours a day, and have the Hamas movement which controls the sector since 2007 to import Fuel for generators of the Palestinian Authority, but at constant odds over pay, leading to shortages.