Pakistani-American Fayyaz Hassan announces candidacy for county commissioner


DALLAS: Dallas: Co-chairman. of American-Muslim Democratic Caucus and Pakistani-American Syed Fayyaz Hassan has announced his candidacy for Tarrant County Commissioner.

More than 60 prominent political leaders and community activists attended his candidacy announcement event. Party activists and leadership announced full support for Syed Hassan at the occasion.

Syed Fayyaz Hassan hosted an event at his residence for this announcement where many community leaders and Democratic Party senior leadership and precinct chairs were in presence.

Mr. Hassan’s announcement of his candidacy was responded by great appreciation from attendees of the event. Highlighting his services to the party, he said that he is helping Democratic Party since 2002, when he first became a precinct chair.

He said that he helped each campaign in South East Tarrant county. He was elected three times to Democratic Party National Convention out of four conventions in last 16 years.

Hassan said that he had been delegate to each precinct county and state convention since 2002. He talked about his services in hosting the first civil rights conference in Dallas in 2003 and his several initiatives in Dallas Fort Worth to focus on inter community harmony and for civil rights.

He said that this is unfortunate for American society that Donald Trump is President, even after losing elections by three million votes. He said the first 100 days of Donald Trump are nightmare for America. He said that White House and Austin’s attacks on American values, our morals and on our national unity is a tragedy.

“Good news is that American people have rejected the message of hate and bigotry and we showed that our unity can thwart any assault on our values .”

“Our local communities are last line of defense for our families, our children and weaker segments of society. We need to be prepared for the aftermath of repeal of Affordable Care Act. If this calamity happens to our families, our county hospitals would be facing high number of uninsured patients, specially people with preexisting conditions who would not be able to find insurance.

While presenting his vision for the county, said that public transportation is a must thing for Southeast of Tarrant county.

Syed Hassan proposed a County hospital in Southeast Tarrant county, as the county population growth in South Arlington, Mansfield, Grand Prairie and in Kennadale is exponential. “The tax collection from these areas are enormous and our residents need Tarrant county to work in this side of the county as well.”

The event was attended by large number of party officials, Democratic club leaderships, and community leaders including Aftab Siddiqui, Hadi Jawwad, Irfan Ahmad, Amir Rehman, Shawkat Chaudhry, party leadership and club representatives including Faith Chatham, David Cozad, Deborah Spell, John Derwitz, Tarrant County executive Director Marco Rosas, Cheryl Smith, Blerim El-Mazi, candidate for US Congress district 6 Jenna Sanchez, Monique Wedderburn, Abdul Samad, Tri Nguyen, and many precinct chairs.

Participants of the event assured Syed Hassan for their support and cooperation in the election. Some of the participants also announced fund raising events for Syed Hassan.