Opening of new agencies developed for Yemeni pilgrims this year terms


Started today in Mecca new agencies openings process developed for the Yemeni pilgrims terms for season 1438, headed by Hajj and Umrah sector Deputy, Chairman of the Committee, Dr Mukhtar Al rabbash, membership Assistant, Tariq Qurashi, quality Director Mohamed Al-Shabibi.

The agent said Hajj and Umrah sector, Mukhtar Al rabbash, he will announce the names of the agencies developed for terms of Yemeni pilgrims once new agencies files, check and ensure conformity to regulations and standards approved by the Ministry of endowments and guidance, and will accept or reject those agencies developed on its light.

The Ministry of endowments and guidance announced early this month about open adoption and acceptance of the terms of Yemeni pilgrims advanced agencies of each of the provinces of Hadramout and Aden, in addition to opening for renewal of accredited agencies during the Hajj seasons.