Open the number of dams to automatic farms in the yard


General management plans for water services in Baha opens a number of agricultural dams to the automatic level reduction in dams and plantations and in coordination with the Directorate of civil defence in Baha and Agricultural Affairs Department in Baha and the relevant authorities.

Public relations manager, said spokesman Ahmed Hamdan bin community that the dams be opened and unopened timings are as follows:-

1. the medhas dam almandaq date 2017/4/30 Sunday morning slot 1438/8/4 (9)

2. fill the patchouli almandaq 2017/4/30 Sunday morning slot date 1438/8/4 11 am

3. fill almold Baha City History opened Monday morning 2017/5/1 1438/8/5 (9)

4. filling the darn balgrshi County History opened Monday 2017/5/1 h 1438/8/4 (11) at noon.

5. fill aldahian Baha City History opened Tuesday 2017/5/2 h 1438/8/6 (9)

And let the water Services Department in Baha away from streams, dams and comply with the instructions of the civil defense in such cases.