One person was killed and two others injured in suicide attacks carried out by northern Cameroon


Four suicide bombers blew up themselves in the far north of Cameroon, “group” Boko Haram “almtkerh, killing one person and wounding two others,” France said.

The Agency quoted a French source close to the local security services to the city of Mora, strategic location in the Cameroonian authorities war “Boko Haram”, suffered four attacks, early Saturday morning.

The source said that the attacks left people dead and wounded among civilians, noting that the suicide bombers killed four women immediately due to the bombings.

The source said the suicide bombers who planned to sneak into the city, but the members of the Committee of vigilance and their purposes, they pushed the military to blow up their refills IEDs out of town.
And the city of Mora first sector headquarters of the multinational force which is a regional Alliance charge face “Boko Haram”, and the city also has a large base of the Cameroonian army, which played a significant role in repelling attacks by militants “Boko Haram” coming from neighboring Nigeria.

And witness the far north of Cameroon, over recent weeks, frequent armed attacks attributed to the “Boko Haram”, after months of relative calm.

Source: AP

Untung Yusuf