OM Manager launches the morgue and medical skills and Physiology fersan medicine


Um Al Qura University inaugurated Dr Bakary maatouk ASAS morgue and medical skills Labs, chemistry and Physiology, Faculty of medicine, balkonvzeh University City, in the presence of the Vice President for branches Dr. Alghamdi, Dean Dr Osama Sheikh, Dean of information technology Dr Majid Al Qahtani, supervisor of the operating and maintenance management engineer Mohsen Ahmadi, supervisor of the Department of safety Hassan Al-Ahmadi, Director of public relations and media Professor Khalid Morsi, private Secretary to Rector Professor Hisham Afghan security department head, Professor Nabil meddin, a number of architects Project management and operation and maintenance.

Then he met the Director of the University of balkonvzeh medical college students, stating that the University made fun of all the human and technical capacities and capabilities in order to provide the finest educational services for male and female students, and overcome all obstacles to their education, and provide the environment in which enables them to education, noting the patronage and the generous support received by the UM Al-Qura University of custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Highness heir, Crown and Crown-Allah bless ya., pointing out that medical schools buildings have been developed unified students And computer science students, providing the latest technology from labs and cadres of faculty and staff.

Part of the price of medical student guidance and made Rector Dr Bakary maatouk to provide an educational environment of buildings and plants, that meet the educational outcomes of academic programs.

And lose the Rector premises of medical college and University campus computer balkonvzeh, you lose Ma’aleh blocks College of Health Sciences, and engineering, balkonvzeh University College, and was received by University Deans balkonvzeh University branch, where he briefed on various College administrative and educational facilities and services.

Dean said Med balkonvzeh Dr Osama Sheikh to Med balkonvzeh consists of 14 sections, including nine basic and clinical specialties include five, Physiology, biochemistry and medical genetics, Anatomy, microbiology, parasitology, haematology and Immunology, and Pharmacology and toxicology, pathology, Pediatrics, obstetrics and Gynecology, and internal medicine, in addition to surgery, community medicine, health care, adding that a total of students entering college 141 students.

He said that the morgue was inaugurated by the Rector for 40 students, through which students can dissect the body in full size, vertical and tangential sections work and Member recognition.