Occupational injuries arrive nearly 3000 case for “Saud medical”


King Saud Medical City confirmed the importance of taking preventive measures to reduce work injuries, where last year received nearly 3000 case because working injuries and constitute approximately 10% of the total traffic accidents which greeted her city during the past year.

The city said that the work accidents that received emergency departments included in General: falling from high places, a splinter parties because of improper use of sharp devices, heavy objects fall on workers, injury window in the neck and chest area and stomach, as a result of echo some metal objects.

It also included injuries, fire from misuse of certain chemicals, in addition to electroshock because wires exposed.

She noted that the city’s emergency departments receive daily many accidents at work, as are diagnosed based on the severity and type of injury, the city stressed the need to use personal protective equipment testing and update periodically, and make sure the psychological health of workers.