NULL, “Bashar” explosive “agreement fails his barrels three guarantors.”


For the third consecutive day since the signing of the “ease” and the regime’s forces and President Bashar Al-Assad and his support of militias, continue to target cities of Hama and Homs, residential neighborhoods with artillery and heavy weapons.

The reporter said “OCC” Seif Al-Ahmad, the foreign militias exporters artillery stationed in the village of aldasnet Kurds loyal morning targeted the village of UM shrshoh Brive North West panelling hums, as the rebel response to the security forces backed by foreign militias on the edge of the twenty-sixth division headquarters South termalh; in conjunction with targeting the village with mortar shells, with violent clashes between the two sides on the West fronts of city of panelling, in conjunction with heavy artillery shelling targeted revival paneling, village gborin Pro.

In Hama lost more than six warplanes air strikes with missiles and alltamenh city spatial village alzlakiat Brive protectors.

It comes three days after an agreement between the three countries guarantor: Russia, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan on a Russian plan to establish “four regions” reduction; where should stop fighting for permanent truce agreement, too, on improving the humanitarian situation and creating conditions for moving forward on the political process. “

Referred to as the agreement went into effect last Saturday, which includes eight of the 14 governorates of Syria province where opposition factions, the agreement excludes Hubli and tenderness which spreads them organize “ISIS”.