North Korea threatens Japan: will precede America to ashes!


Administrative Committee Chairman vowed to maintain peace in North Korea Japan as impossible to ash before it does so, the United States.

And North Korean Central News Agency quoted the official as saying: “If Japan is already worried about its security, it must refrain from hostile policy against North Korea, that us bases from its territory, it must remember that the archipelago could turn to dust before it gets this fate in the United States in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and that she continue to act like this hostile country.”

The North Korean official said Japan as a country of Islands, and “should not be dragged into adventures in confronting nuclear invincibility and unforgiving,” is what North Korea.

North Korea alarmed the Japanese remarks aroused strong Tokyo’s Alliance with the United States, in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile tests conducted recently a weekly break.

Most of these experiences intense rocket was Sunday morning when Pyongyang fired several rockets ships, prior experience on 29 May, fired with a ballistic missile guidance and navigation system to intercept enemy missiles.

Source: Alalam