Nigerian leader again absent from the Cabinet and renewed concerns about his health


AP-President Mohamed did not attend the Nigerian Cabinet Wednesday to steam for the third time in a row, again renewed fears about his health, despite the reassuring statements to his wife and Vice President presided Yemi ausinbago a weekly cabinet meeting after receipt of Presidential Affairs, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution, for more than eight weeks, during the long absences of the steam was receiving treatment in London in a weekLast, the presidential spokesman said that the tugboat (74 years old) works “of the House” and he needs to rest after receiving treatment in Britain, but did not provide further details about the nature of his illness, and Tweet on Twitter, wrote that her husband Tuesday night steam Aisha “continued to perform his or her duties throughout this period,” and that his health “not bad to the point where they film it.” but he also did not go to the mosque for Friday prayers, I referredAs in a marriage ceremony grandchildren Saturday, fuelling rumors and calls for him to step down and asked eminent Nigerian civil society Tuesday from President resign steam, asserting that his health does not allow country. many politicians of the opposition at first, then gradually from the President’s Party “progressive Conference, concern also the obstacles that can stand out as a result he missed his conduct شؤOne provision, if the delegate his authority to the Vice President, as stipulated in the Constitution and the health status of the head of State is a sensitive issue in Nigeria – the largest populous country in Nigeria, the continent’s leading oil power Angola-since died 2010 President Omar Yar’Adua because of kidney problems long concealed citizens. and hospitalization Omar Yar’Adua abroad resulted in political turmoil continued for months until his death on 58 years on 5 May 2010, which finally led to the judge’s profile Second in the State, Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to complete the mandate. Then beat Jonathan presidential elections 2011 and 2015 steam. If forced to steam, ausinbago Vice President would succeed him until the next elections in February/March 2019.