Newspaper: the Pentagon to launch an electronic attack against “ISIS” in 2016


The newspaper, in an article posted on its website that the operation targeted accounts used by militants to disseminate their materials inciting extremism.

According to the “Washington Post” electronic operations command succeeded with the U.S. Army to get private accounts passwords “ISIS”, thereby removing their video recordings Puritans in conflict areas, in addition to preventing “aldwaash” propaganda experts from accessing their accounts online.

The newspaper reported that the operation, dubbed “sparkling Symphony” was designed at the request of former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter who wanted to participate in combat operations command “ISIS” participation more effective.

The article indicated that the operation plan concern other government organs and institutions: “when I learned of the CIA and the State Department and the FBI to process in the territory of other States, without informing the authorities that, (this) is concerned that this campaign would be detrimental to cooperation with these countries in the areas of combating crime, intelligence and counter terrorism.”

The process lasted more than a month, the problem lies in the presence of some servers on sovereign territory outside the United States. But the Pentagon insisted that the operation would not come bye “collateral damage”. As a result, the United States reported 15 States with this plan, but the process did not include only five or six of them, according to the Washington Post.

And began the process of confronting “aldaashih” in October/November 2016 and continued during the year. The article stated that there were differences in the assessment of the effectiveness of the “sparkling Symphony” by the US administration. While the Defense Department considers that this campaign laid the basis for the future “, the intelligence that every result is the extremists to use other accounts.