New warning on weight gain for pregnant women


Doctors usually women avoid weight gain in the years prior to pregnancy to avoid risk of gestational diabetes, but what’s hot right now is what I warned him a recent study confirms that the natural increase also in # weight can represent a danger to pregnant women in terms of diabetes.
The study by Australian researchers, the daily mail newspaper from #أبحاث_السكري magazine, she stressed that women who were healthy or underweight who gain weight gain does not exceed 2.5% more likely 3 times to gestational diabetes.
Either those increases their weight at the rate of 1.5% of the primary weight are more prone to gestational diabetes twice than those who did not receive any increase in weight at all.
For its part, the study said akello researcher convicted of Australian Queensland University, that being overweight in early adulthood increases insulin resistance in the body, thus increasing the risk of gestational diabetes.
She was convicted, it was necessary to be aware ladies and their doctors that even greater kg or two per year could pose health # even if this increase in natural framework for body weight.
The scientists used to think that women who exceed their own body mass index of 30 most likely only to gestational diabetes.
Gestational diabetes infection occurs if a woman’s body is unable to produce enough insulin to meet the extra needs # during this period, if not treated, it may be the mother to complications as well as the possibility of having to conduct #ولادة_قيصرية.
And exposed to infection gestational diabetes annually 120 thousand pregnant woman in #المملكة_المتحدة.