NATO: Russian threat is rising on all fronts


The Director of the NATO military Committee, General Piotr Pavel in an interview with Politico, that Russia’s military capabilities is growing concern within the Alliance.

Pavel said to the newspaper: “we bump into a broad update by the federal armed forces of Russia”, noting that the Alliance could not ignore the enormous progress, reached Russia in military areas, and it takes place in Russia in full swing design models of conventional and nuclear weapons, as well as the Russian armed forces became able to effectively at very long distances outside Russian territory.

NATO military official also told the newspaper concern shared by military commanders in NATO corridors because of what he called the vagueness of intent harboured by the Russian leadership toward NATO and considered by many as hostile and blurred as he put it, adding: “we are dealing with these challenges from the Russian side very seriously, even if it were possible.”

From the standpoint of General Pavel, allow NATO itself is currently focusing only on the challenges emanating from States, as well as general works on strengthening the fight against international terrorism, stressing in this context to keep the relationship with Turkey priority although Ankara’s relationship in recent times much worse with many NATO Member States.

Many comments were received by NATO officials alleging the existence of a Russian threat to the Baltic States and Poland, despite Moscow’s assurances that they would not attack on any NATO Member State.

It is said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that NATO knew for a fact that Moscow does not have any intentions or plans of aggression against NATO countries, but they are using allegations of Russian threat as a pretext to cushion the deployment of more military equipment and personnel along the borders of Western Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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