National Community initiative entitled «only»


A national initiative launched community Dr Garni scholar under the title “#إلا_السعودية” by attending elite of intellectuals, journalists and influencers in social media, the initiative aims to defend the Kingdom against any external aggression through Word and image and video numbers, religious and global Kingdom visibility and human by answering malevolent and haters who try to demonize or falsifying or spread rumors uttroig lies and fraud and the slanderer, the initiative seeks to unite Saudi society from internal and external enemy, even if we disagree on little details Things stay home red line will not let prejudice.

#الا_السعودية initiative on several elements and standards for social activities and information campaigns and youth competitions and cultural platforms: short films and awareness sections and poetic contests and alanfogravet and other designs.

The initiative was launched last night amid the presence of great support in Dr House Ayed Al-qarni was first renamed group superintendent Dr Ayed Al-qarni and Secretary General Abdullah and Ali al-hazmi monthly and media spokesman Rahman and membership of all media and influencers present and interested in attending.