Naif International Conference of regulated information and network security


Regulating Naif Arabic for Security Sciences ‘ Faculty of computer and information security “International Conference on information security and networking within the work programme of the University for the year 2017, from 6 to 7 Shaban 1438 (h) from 2 to 3 July 2017 m, with headquarters in Riyadh.

And participate in the work of the Forum, experts from the ministries of Interior, justice, University staff and specialized research centres and the relevant authorities of Arabic and European and Asian countries.

The Conference aims to contribute to the development of systems and standards in information and network security, identify outstanding experience and practice in building information systems and networks.

Conference discusses scientific papers through a number of axles: the Internet of things “IOT”, security essentials and protect applications, data security, security of embedded systems, mobile security, protection and privacy and confidence-building, and security of data centers, security platforms.

Dr Ben Jaman said ragush Rector to organize this important Conference is part of the University’s efforts to address issues on Arabic and international arena that touches the needs and concerns of Arabic communities including information security topic that is of global concern, as it regulates the enforcement of academic plans and realistic vision of her ambitious acts.

Dr Ben pointed out in his speech that the University ragush and gracious guidance of his Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Supreme Council of the University computer security attached particular importance, great care has established a specialized College of computer and information security for the upgrading of Arabic in this area through advanced graduate, as large space devoted to this theme, activities in the framework of the existing cooperation between them and the relevant international institutions to implement A number of seminars, courses and conferences about information security, as the Centre for studies and research in university studies and publications in this area.

The Conference organized at a time when many Arabic countries to electronic attacks, notably Saudi Arabia which has the advanced technical possibilities where topping the Arab world in Internet users, adding to the economic and political weight of the Kingdom, regionally and internationally in various fields, which make it a target for terrorist organizations and organized crime, the Conference will seek to develop solutions and mechanisms appropriate to confront these crimes and cyber attacks.

He Dr Ben ragush hoped that the Conference has attracted an elite group of professionals in the Arab world and aims to reach recommendations leading to a scientific vision, contribute effectively to achieve information security-aware of that mixture of experiences and knowledge targeted scientific meetings and training programs is the real key to gain access to cognitive welcome space, which touches all the terrain of security work, taking into account the secretions of contemporary culture and technology.

He raised thanks to the custodian and his Highness the heir and his Highness the Crown Prince-Allah bless them-and their Highnesses Arab Interior Ministers on what keen care and attention and support this Arab babe scientific edifice even became one of the most successful projects of joint Arab action.