Muslim scholars calls on Muslims in Europe to positive integration


Muslim scholars called the World Union, Saturday, Muslims in Europe and elsewhere to “positive integration and effective participation in elections and give their votes to deserving.” this statement issued by the Union, in conjunction with significant electoral benefits in some European countries, the first crucial round lraeasiat France on Sunday, parliamentary elections in Germany in September/September in Britain in April/June of year GA. That politicians fear that election on the rise of the far right anti-Muslim. “Union statement warned fanatics of dire consequences for everyone if taken Nazi policies of racial discrimination and racism, entered Europe in two world wars in less than half a century.”-scientists ‘ Union confirmed in Doha-based world conditions followed the belief that humanity is one, delivered to theAll, and his war on everyone, and that Allah almighty created the Earth for everyone. “Muslims also called European societies to participate with their communities” along in construction, of religious and cultural supports the addition of good moral values and reconstruction, committed to the applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which they live, maintaining charters and covenants that have entered the country illegally and had been naturalizedHer nationality. “he drew in his Union that he” had become Muslims in Western countries and in the European countries especially significant presence, which he throws them a heavy responsibility to be in this country, goodwill ambassadors and peace and love and cooperation. ” “This responsibility incumbent upon Muslims in Europe are getting heavier due to the actions of some members of the Islam of harm to the image of Islam and Muslims; some think about mindlessly and exploits some of most of these events on stage and mental frame of Islam and Muslims for violence and terrorism.” statement called the World Federation of Muslim scholars-Sheikh signature is affixed on Muhittin para Dagi-Muslims to redoubled efforts to remove from the minds of those “bad” image