Municipality of oppression seized foodstuffs expired and rotten destined for sale one of the buffets.


Busted field teams, municipality of Taif East injustice represented by environmental health department more than 10 kilos of liver in case of rot and corruption and unfit for human consumption, was planning a workers unfairly buffets for preparing meals, and submit them to the buffet goer, with seizures were confiscated and complete the required application provided a list of fines and penalties.

Explain that media and public relations manager, municipality of injustice Manohar, who noted that the municipality emphasizes hygienic application.

Otaibi said: “injustice municipality emphasizes direct instructions from the Mayor of injustice horned bin Saad alsarih health control on food shops and restaurants and buffets in the area and on the roads, in order to ensure food safety for citizens, and the utmost attention to the safety of citizens and residents and to ensure their comfort, health and safety of food and feed them to reduce wrongdoing hygienic and raising awareness among employees of these shops, especially with the beginning of school vacation and the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.