Municipality Center of Dammam: 60 cleaner man involved in comprehensive drive cleaner


Currently, the municipality implemented Dammam Central field environmental campaign and environmental hygiene means intensive residential neighborhoods and raise the level of satisfaction of beneficiaries.

Dammam Mayor explained. Hatem Al-Ghamdi, the campaign started by shy Amy and Prince Mohamed Bin Saud Dammam central initiative, pointing to a campaign involving more than 60 man sweeping duties cleaner manual field all fields, sidewalks and streets, and lasts for 3 weeks, covering all districts of Central Riyadh and industrial areas.

Recall that the initiative came in line with city districts need to intensify cleaning due to the current weather conditions and where wind speed and raise dust and dust and blowing out the impurities.

Mayor called Dammam. Hatem Al-Ghamdi all citizens and residents to report any reviews by e-940 service developed by the Secretariat of the eastern region and the belief in providing the finest services and that would develop the area and access to the satisfaction of the beneficiary.