Mufti “honors” students “brothers mosque King Fahd suburb


In honor of the Mufti of the eastern region, Sheikh Ali bin Saleh Al-MARRI, Quran memorization honored Jami brothers Saad Rashid Hajri, Allah have mercy on them, a suburban neighborhood of King Fahd in Dammam, Dammam Office West of Quran memorization, students, and more than 60 students.

Concert guest was greeted when he arrived: sons of Sheikh Saad Al-Hajri, Allah’s mercy, and in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hassan workshops supervisor Laura.

Speaking on this occasion, Mufti stressed steering the eastern region Sheikh Ali bin Saleh Al-MARRI where they emphasized the importance of learning the Koran and teach him and said: “the Quran Recitation by worship leader is best kept for future generations and young people of misguidance and understand it and think about their security keepers stray thoughts that young people must learn and work in their lives.”

The audience listened to samples of student readings, presented in front of the mosque and its letters to parents first, so get them their children’s good resources revenue, memorization and education workshops for Allah’s book, stating that they are accountable to Allah for our livers.

And then the supervisor of the loops in a letter to students to continue urging episodes on that approach and save and book review Allah, and maintain five prayers in congregation, to be parents and bars them the righteous obedience then concluded by thanking Allah the Almighty for cosine and thanked supporters for memorization calling them by the pool in money and parents.

Smaller workshops students offered peace on a guest concert, and his hand pulled numbers of attendance Awards, where guest pulling eight prizes and handed it to the winners.

In conclusion, the generosity of guest party supporters, teachers and students, where he delivered the shields and trophies, and picked up collectively to a guest concert with students.