Mounting tension in the South of Tunisia. Government: peaceful nature out protests

تصاعد الاحتقان في الجنوب التونسي.. الحكومة: الاحتجاجات خرجت عن الطابع السلمي

Escalated confrontations between security forces and demonstrators demanding work in the South of the country, where protesters were killed and three others wounded, while some protesters burning security centres in Tataouine, which led the Government to confirm that the protests got out of peaceful nature, and hint to the existence of political parties seeking to move a partisan agenda and, with Labour Union called on young protesters to «not pandering invitations to collision with the army and emasculated and disrupting production.

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One protester was killed after accidentally run over by a car, and three others were wounded during clashes with security forces at alkamor area in Tataouine, in the presence of media sources 150 asphyxiation with tear gas used by security forces against protesters tried to storm an oil installations.

Other sources spoke of a number of protesters burned two security forces following the withdrawal of the security to avoid new clashes with the protesters, especially after protesters burned cars for security and fire truck driver seriously injured suffered, as well as by persons unknown «» looting of several Government installations in the city of Cabo San Lucas.

Operating Minister Imad Erythema that protests by its peacefulness out Tataouine protesters cut roads, pointing to the existence of political parties (unspecified) move the protesters as political and electoral agenda related to upcoming municipal elections.

In remarks to reporters noted that most protests are alkamor agreed to the proposals made by the Government but which was minority against the resolution failed to abide by it and which go to oil pumping unit, while the majority remained undecided, and delayed issuing a statement announcing the approval of the Government’s proposals and end the protests until they convince the rest».

Columbine invited «to», «we will continue dialogue and go to Cabo San Lucas. Let the Tunisian Government partners with whom spent decades we must maintain our commitments with them. we are familiar with the minute details of what happens in Cabo San Lucas and everyone who goes beyond the law come under the judiciary.

Members of the security and Defence Committee in the House of people holding an emergency meeting with his Interior and defense ministers Farhat horchani Pacific Mejdoub for conditions in «Tataouine», with the possibility to move them to the side to try to relieve the existing congestion there.

The Labour Union issued a statement warning escalation in oil zone in Tataouine and me (South), calling the young protestors to «not pandering invitations to collision with the army and emasculated and disrupt production», the «Government was obliged to attend the ground and continue the dialogue with young people and the actual and effective solutions. And carry some parties seeking to employ social responsibilities and moves them to disassociate those in Tunisia’s interest about all the tugging and agendas and make a positive contribution to the search for solutions instead of to incapacitate the State and try to weaken the opposition warned the Government in “the use of force to break up protests in the South, where the leading democratic power «books»: «any security approach to sit alkamor will enter the country in the direction of unwanted consequences. So our people in Tataouine did not use violence and vandalism and stick to peaceful protests. And quite normal that some excesses, but generally showed a very high level of awareness and the Government should continue to negotiate with them and to build a climate of trust among them and among them».

«What’s happening at Tataouine in before me and other regions and actors, is the result of decades of policies waltvkir and marginalization as a result of lack of trust in State institutions. We say it more than once and we’ll return it unless the Government declares war on corruption unless the change in the way that realigned unless the gap between what social justice has become a reality, would settle the country and cannot do serious and structural reforms, bye. Our youth needs only a dose of hope for a better future, hope can get a State ruled by corruption and cronyism walsbonih and revels in them freely mafias President insists on passing a law to whitewash the corrupt!».

With party «Tunisia» will mobility to demonstrate in Habib Bourguiba Avenue downtown and a number of Tunisian cities «support of the struggles of people of peaceful rejection of Tataouine security solution and attempts at resolving the peaceful protest movements by force, which led to the fall of martyr and many causalities and burn peaceful protestors tents in alkamor».

The Government sent new security enhancements to alkamor area to promote the protection of oil installations while maintaining its military presence, following a meeting of Prime Minister Yusuf witness with number of prefects, which recommended strengthening the protection of installations and deal with road closures and trying to stop production.