Monte Carlo. “. Top 10 most expensive cities in property prices


Monte Carlo city perched on the throne of the most expensive residential real estate areas, owing to a lack of available property or limited arable areas uninhabitable. Quiet life is many causes that put the beautiful city on the top list of the most expensive areas in the world.
And the price per square metre in some areas to about 45.57 thousand dollars (4 000 square foot), double the average price per square meter in downtown Moscow. Moscow comes second place worldwide in terms of high prices in the housing sector, where the average price per square metre to about $20.85 (1937 dollars per square foot).
According to the report of the global enterprise, prepared for property prices in residential areas around the world, the «city Monte Carlo for the rich and are small and dense and promotes investment in real estate sector, including tax exemption. Matthew Montagu, Global Foundation, that Moscow had improved placed on the list of the third to the second buoyed by economic growth in General and the high price of oil and its derivatives, as well as residential real estate prices during the first half of last year.
New York City’s stature has slipped from second to sixth because of the international credit crisis, and what happens in the United States, and the price per square meter in some regions to about 15 thousand dollars. And the third largest city of London came after Moscow and especially the trade and financial center and areas rich in West Minister and others, and the price per square metre to about $20.7 (1928 per square foot).
It seems clear from the British capital Moscow approaches, as the sharp decline in prices began in London over a year ago, while this decline did not begin in Moscow before the second half of last year.