Moments of horror .. aircraft re – takeoff when touching the runway


in a rare case, the captain of a plane from # Mtar_almlk_khald in Riyadh at Prince Sultan Airport in Tabuk to resume take – off during the process of preparing for landing.
In detail, when approaching the plane # arrival runway re Captain takeoff again instead of landing it, because of the wind power encountered during the landing of the aircraft , which should be landing in order to avoid strong winds so that the plane does not get a balance disorder phase.
According to experts, described this stage one that set up by the captain and his assistant during the process # landing, known as the pilots before the plane landed on the runway and return to the sky a big risk : it is required to restart the engines are powerful and pay for the air stage, arguing that the process of flight aircraft on the runway, where driving at high speed so that it can rise gradually.