Momentary blink due to a gas leak in the County Hospital wall.


Every home – Riad – rebounds said civil defence spokesman hail submitted wholesome warhead that civil defense teams in the province on Thursday night communiqué initiated wall flashing spike caused by a gas leak in the culinary area public wall hospital, worked with automatic sprinkler systems and helped contain the damage zone, and no one was hurt.

The necessary preventive measures have been taken in coordination with the hospital administration and conduct investigations to uncover the cause of the accident, said a spokesman for the Red Crescent hail Mohamed pilot: “we got a report from the civil defense operations for the accident and emergency teams were routed 3, after it turned out that all health aid cases.

With Health Affairs Directorate reported hail over the official account on the social networking site Twitter: assured everyone that the safety of patients and staff the praises of Allah after damage to the wall in a hospital as a result of a gas leak and referral to hospitals nearby.