Mohamed: I got the highest measure of talent in capacities

< Not child Mohamed mosfer alqhtani normal students since childhood, as scientific talent at a very early age and his first day of school in first grade, his teachers, and his talent has impressed mental, and scientific talents have evolved, as could delve into scientific competitions for gifted and advanced centres achieved, adding that his teachers reacted to develop talent and developed its first row until arriving at the third-grade teacher at Talhah Ibn enmity East of Riyadh.
Says: «I discovered that scientific talent since I entered first grade, it wasn’t that hard, since my father’s eagerness to teach me since childhood and that highlighted my talents and abilities, and they continue to this day in my support as well as school teachers they’re pushing me every day and bound to accentuate my ability in every way, and did not dictate who encourage me start».
He adds: «developed my talent in science, teachers make all further her, so you can engage in many scientific competitions for talented Riyadh level and at the level of departments of education in the Kingdom and achieved the first positions, and attained the highest degrees of measuring capacity measurement and talented», Mohamed suggested that because of his superiority in those competitions for talented returns to his parents, as well as his teachers who contributed significantly in developing scientific and mental abilities, making him among one of the talented people in the Kingdom, and wished To participate in international competitions which is his dream.
The funny thing is nice in his superiority to one of his teachers who supervised the development of mental abilities correspond with the name cognac, said Mohamed Al-Qahtani parameter: «I saw Mohamed capabilities and talent, you develop and give her attention, what helped him Excel workbooks and talent», added teacher smiling: «student also joins me in my name, match four titles simultaneously.
In turn, the primary Commander Talha bin enmity UEI in interview for «life» student Whiz is in cognitive science since childhood, asserting that the school administration facilitated the requirements and difficulties encountered in scientific career, noting that the student has achieved a higher percentage than in the talent contest at Kingdom level scientific measure of talent to capacity, noting that the school has established a big party befitting as a student genius which was attended by a number of students parents and some administrators in education.
Student leader, the school superintendent over student scientifically Manohar that the student future scientific life awaited him if he continues his superiority, indicating that the student has been discovered since he entered school during its in first grade, jut valedictorian by a Committee at the school several professional testing phase with all his superiority and mastery.