Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz convey my condolences to the family of martyr leadership be dear


Transfer of his Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of JAZAN today condolences custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Highness heir, Crown and Crown-Allah bless them. His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz, Prince of JAZAN for family martyr Sergeant Yahya Bin profiled on dear one employees of the armed forces who died while on duty to defend tool with the southern boundary of the village of Saudia Arabia temptress in JAZAN.

And through his grace while visiting the martyr’s family in the village of alaidabi County, the hospital, about pride all the martyr, Allah almighty to accept him with mercy and forgiveness, and stressing that its various military sectors of national and religious duty and heroically in defense of the land of this country blessed land of the custodian is a source of pride for all the people back home.

From their side through with martyr their gratitude and appreciation for the wise leadership and his Highness Prince of JAZAN, confirming the permanent attention of the Government of the custodian of children everywhere, and noting that their son is cited in the splendor and dignity to defend the fatherland.

Duty and was attended by Governor alaidabi Issa agent consolation visit AAF and Sheikh tribes included the hamlets of Sheikh Ibrahim alzeroi.