Ministry of education thanks JAZAN Education Excellence in first forum for security and safety


The Director-General of education received in JAZAN ISA bin Ahmed hakami letter of thanks and appreciation from the Superintendent of school safety and Security Ministry of education Dr Majid bin Obaid Al Harbi.

And in the letter that when you visit the Department of education in JAZAN to attend Security Forum kicks off school safety and Sarah what he saw from discriminating in preparation and organization and working papers presented, demonstrating the attention and care and continue to support school security and safety in the region, adding security and safety management excellence in community partnership with the relevant authorities and the civil and private companies to participate actively in the Forum, in advance thanks and appreciation on what a touch of work featured in the Forum.

He also sent a letter of thanks and appreciation to the Director of the Department of security and safety education of JAZAN Mohamed Ben Yahia khal, the supervisor of school security and safety management education of JAZAN on Ben Mohamed entrances, Ibrahim Ibn Jabir judgment, for their distinctiveness in the success of the Forum and build partnerships with the relevant authorities.