Military and economic agreements during a visit to Saudi Arabia, Trump


The American President will insist before the leaders of the Islamic States in Riyadh to counter radical ideologies
Unfolded today more information about details of Saudi-us Summit «» and «us Gulf Summit»
And «top American Muslim Arabic» top by Riyadh on Saturday and Sunday.
It said us national security adviser, Herbert McMaster, during a press conference in Washington today,
His country will sign several economic and military agreements «», marking the President’s first foreign visit Donald
Trump to Saudi Arabia on Saturday and Sunday. McMaster said that President Trump would meet custodian
King Salman Ibn Abdel Aziz, in the presence of Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Naif, Crown Prince
Mohamed Bin Salman, will sign several economic and military agreements between the two countries.
International meetings will top Riyadh, historical ties through joint efforts
Tolerance and cooperation, and the foundations laid for a new and promising a bright future for everyone. It contains
Visit of President Trump also attending a Conference «singing 2017, «global centre for combating radical ideology,
Parallel Kingdom Expo and Forum Riyadh to fight extremism and terrorism, and Saudi American Forum
For CEOs, and visit the King Abdul Aziz historical centre.
McMaster revealed that President Trump Riyadh will deliver a speech on «peaceful vision of Islam», from
For Washington’s commitment towards its partners in the Muslim countries. He added that the President will deliver a speech “about
The need to counter radical ideologies. The US official said that Trump will deliver his speech in front of the leaders
«More than 50 Muslim nation».
President Trump had discussed by telephone with King Abd Allah II, the day before yesterday,
Developments in the Middle East region and ways of finding political solutions to the crisis, adding to efforts to combat
Terrorism within a holistic strategy, according to a Jordanian royal court statement.
The Chairman also conducted Trump contact with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi. The President is scheduled to meet
Egypt and Jordan in Cairo today.
In a related context, through President Trump during the talks he held with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan
At the White House today, about his country’s support for Turkey against the PKK organization and ISIS. As confirmed
Washington has sought to cooperate with Ankara to curb violence in Syria, and create conditions for a peaceful solution to the crisis
Syria. He promised Trump and accelerate military transactions requested by Turkey, and ensure their access
Equipment to Ankara quickly. And in turn, Erdogan said that his country would work with Washington to combat groups
All terrorist in the region, asserting that the American and Turkish sides agreed to cooperate in energy
And economy and trade.