Mexico objected deadliest classified after Syria


Joint statement of the Mexican Ministries: “report unknown numbers reflect estimates based on proven methods and non-grounding and unrealistic, and indicates an error. This is not true. “

Mexican authorities statement came after a report by the London-based research institution today that battle between criminal gangs and Mexican Government forces put the country second only to Syria.

And the International Institute for strategic studies says in an annual report titled “clear armed conflict” that some 23, 000 people perished in 2016 during the conflict between criminal gangs in Mexico, while 50 thousand people in conflict in Syria.

Unlike the situation in Syria, Mexico’s efforts to combat organized crime “little attention from the media.

Said John Chapin, Director General of the Institute, that “death toll in Mexico beyond conflict (outcome) in Afghanistan and Somalia.”

He added, “this is even more surprising, because most of the victims of this conflict almost killed by small arms. Conflict in Mexico do not use artillery and no tanks or combat aviation.

And following all of Syria and Mexico on the list of the largest numbers of people killed in armed conflict both Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey and southern Sudan and Nigeria.

The Institute said that despite the low death toll, had experienced the 2016 upwards in number of intractable conflicts that can occur in a short time. “

He explained that the civilians who are whining about such conflicts “still suffer massively” with 192 thousand fleeing violence during the last year in Sudan.

Said Antonio Sampaio, a researcher at the Institute specialist in Security Affairs and the London-based “conflict is quite rare up criminal violence to a level close to armed conflict. But it occurs in the northern triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) and especially in Mexico.

Sampaio attributed the high level of violence in Mexico to declare former President Felipe Calderón in December 2006 “war on drugs” in an attempt to eliminate the gangs.

But the conflict has led to appalling conditions in Mexico where 105 thousand people were killed in deliberate offences since that period until November 2012.