Memorization buraydah “harvested 5 custodian award centres

Quran memorization Association candidates won with his skilled program of the Department of education of boys the custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to save Quran Recitation and optimized and interpreted in the 19 session of the year 1438.
And the generosity of the winners at the award ceremony sponsored on behalf of the custodian of the Governor of Riyadh Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz.
Handyman has Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-obaidan, first place in section I the whole Quran with tajweed recitation and interpretation student won Sulaiman Ramakrishna first place in section II: the whole Quran with recitation and intonation.
He won the student Ahmed bin Mubarak Al-Rashidi first place in section IV: ten parts with recitation of intonation in the meantime Ibrahim Abdullah student won second place in section III “20” part with the recitation of intonation.
Either the student Mohamed Bin Abdulrahman Al-khudayri won second place in section five: five parts with recitation of intonation.
The Islamic Affairs Ministry has nominated representative of the Secretariat for Quran competition racer Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-obaidan, first-place winner to represent the Kingdom in King Abdulaziz international competition in the coming session in the first section.
The contestant was nominated Sulaiman Ramakrishna first place winner to represent the Kingdom in the same contest in section II.
And through skilled students deep gratitude to the custodian of this distinguished Prize make her extremely well, which contested the sons of the Kingdom from everywhere and compete in the most intense year after year.
They thanked Riyadh Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz for his party on behalf of the King Salman and Dr Faisal bin Qassim Prince mishaal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz on what they will encounter in particular and all students General Assembly support and encouragement.
And they gave thanks to the Islamic Affairs Minister and Secretary of virtue award, good regulation and care.
And the winners of the strength of preparation and qualification by Koranic society in buraydah, represented by skilled program of the Department of education of boys.
It’s worth mentioning that skilled program folks these students for about eight months in audit and Decree programme depends on mastering and replication and connectivity offer daily recitations altgoideh training and exams.
This has become a program Note benefit memorization associations and specialized programs in the whole Kingdom.
The winners expressed their willingness to keep moving in order to win in this competition next year in this generous.