Mecca tourism tourist accommodation facilities inspected


The Director-General of the public authority for tourism and national heritage in the Holy capital Dr Faisal al-Sharif, yesterday morning on an inspection tour to the central region tourist accommodation facilities and visited hotels King Abdulaziz stood to stand over the preparations and readiness for the reception of pilgrims and visitors next Ramadan, coinciding with the summer vacation.

The sheriff said that according to seasonal and action plans that are updated continuously with the guidance of the Chair of the General Commission for tourism and national heritage HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, these control rounds designed to ensure perfect hotel services provided for guests and visitors wearing and price controls during the season, ensure that tourist information centres as well as meet with officials of the hotels and get to market realities and ways to overcome obstacles facing guests.

He stressed that the general body of tourism and national heritage, is preparing to launch several additional field teams to support permanent branch teams through assignment of a number of additional inspectors from various regions of the Kingdom to intensify inspection campaigns daily during the holy month to include all tourist accommodation facilities in various areas of the capital.

Added General Manager General Commission for tourism and national heritage in the Holy capital to branch team will work around the clock to receive communications and complaints from guests and immediate response to her work on them through the common toll free 19988.