Measles is spreading in Europe, who warns


The World Health Organization warned that measles is widespread in Europe from France to Ukraine because of some sizes.
The Health Organization has monitored _ _ “more than 500 case in January/February in Europe including 474 recorded in seven countries are France, Italy and Switzerland and Poland and Germany and Romania and Ukraine.
And Italy are where the half-traumatology (283) and Romania with 17 dead since January/February 2016, the two countries most affected by the epidemic.
This “viral disease threat lots infection” 134 000 deaths worldwide by 2015, especially children under five.
And you can avoid the disease that causes fever and redness of skin, easily through vaccine “safe and effective”. However, vaccination in seven States most vulnerable to the epidemic say 95% threshold necessary to eradicate the disease.
Susanna Cap Director of World Health Organization for the region of Europe “were moving steadily towards eliminating (the disease) in the last two years it is disturbing to see cases of measles in Europe.”
“In order to prevent the transmission of national authorities to do their utmost to reach or maintain the level of 95% coverage with two doses of measles vaccine.
Vaccine cost remains a potential obstacle in the world’s poorest countries (about one euro) in Europe, the problem is wary of vaccine according to the World Health Organization.