Material losses and Taif rain closes roads and detained 40 people in their vehicles.

< Saw Taif today unprecedented torrential rains lasted for several hours, leaving behind considerable material losses in property.
The city of roses on a date out of proportion with very heavy rains not seen in the province before and asked to valleys and coral and left behind her movable streams led to close by Hada precaution, and stopped traffic in via torrent torrents result. Heavy rains in water pools in the streets and alleys and low places, sweeping away many vehicles and some collectibles shops. Civil Defense declared the highest State of alert, they rescue 40 people trapped inside their vehicles washed away by rainwater and lost complete control, as well as a number of communications received by stakeholders on Petitions and close streets flooded.
Custodian of the Adviser drew the Prince of Mecca Khalid Al Faisal Emergency Committee headed by the Taif Governor to know the source of bugs and omissions which led to property damage as a result of heavy rains that flooded the city of roses.
And I knew al Hayat that Prince of Mecca stressed that the participants in the Committee composed of police and Civil Defense Department of the region and the Secretariat of the national water company Taif by keeping others detailed report shows kinks and negligence and causes damage to property.
So, the municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Abdullatif Al-Taif, in the presence of field teams around the clock and provide all the capabilities and enhancements of equipment and labor to deal with as a result of rains that keep water pools in low lying areas and roads, heaving with urgent report taken in implementing the emergency plan prepared in advance to deal with the rainy season and the rain emergency situations. Demanded Secretary of Taif field follow up with mayors and specialists, engineers and contractors cleaning firms Secretariat, to ensure operation plans during their dealings with water pools in all areas and neighborhoods. In the same context, the secretariat said in a statement it Taif undertook the work contain the effects of the heavy rains and flooding movable and immovable in the province today.
And spread the Secretariat teams and machinery and equipment for the work of scavenging and suction to aquatic and opened roads since the first moments of precipitation.
Rain is today, from the largest quantities in the province in years, larger sewage disposal paraphrase overflowed torrents found Valley and became torrents flow from the top.